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Fast ordered sampling of records from files
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sampFiles::HmpFileI Class Reference

HMP file input class. More...

#include <varfiles.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 HmpFileI ()
 Default constructor.
 HmpFileI (const string &fileName)
 File name constructor. More...
 HmpFileI (const HmpFileI &in)=default
 Copy constructor.
HmpFileIoperator= (const HmpFileI &in)=default
 Copy assignment.
 HmpFileI (HmpFileI &&in)=default
 Move constructor.
HmpFileIoperator= (HmpFileI &&in)=default
 Move assignment.
 ~HmpFileI ()
void open ()
 Open stream to read.
void sample (HmpFileO &out, const uint64_t &n)
 Sample SNPs and save to HMP file. More...
uint64_t nsnp ()
 Number of SNPs in the object.

Protected Member Functions

uint64_t _numLines ()
 Get number of SNPs in the HMP file. More...

Detailed Description

HMP file input class.

Reads HMP files, skipping or copying the header as necessary.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HmpFileI()

HmpFileI::HmpFileI ( const string &  fileName)

File name constructor.

[in]fileNamefile name including extension

Member Function Documentation

◆ _numLines()

uint64_t HmpFileI::_numLines ( )

Get number of SNPs in the HMP file.

Assumes Unix-like line endings. Header is not counted.

number of SNPs
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◆ sample()

void HmpFileI::sample ( HmpFileO out,
const uint64_t &  n 

Sample SNPs and save to HMP file.

Sample \(n\) SNPs without replacement from the file represented by the current object and save to the out object. Uses Vitter's [3] method. Number of samples has to be smaller that the number of SNPs in the file.

[in]outoutput object
[in]nnumber of SNPs to sample
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