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sampFiles::GbinFileO Class Reference

Generic binary file output class. More...

#include <varfiles.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 GbinFileO ()
 Default constructor.
 GbinFileO (const string &fileName, const size_t &nCols, const size_t &elemSize)
 File name constructor. More...
 GbinFileO (const GbinFileO &in)=default
 Copy constructor.
GbinFileOoperator= (const GbinFileO &in)=default
 Copy assignment.
 GbinFileO (GbinFileO &&in)=default
 Move constructor.
GbinFileOoperator= (GbinFileO &&in)=default
 Move assignment.
 ~GbinFileO ()
void open ()
 Open stream to write.
- Public Member Functions inherited from sampFiles::GbinFile
 GbinFile ()
 Default constructor.
 GbinFile (const string &fileName, const size_t &nCols, const size_t &elemSize)
 Constructor with file name. More...
 GbinFile (const GbinFile &in)=default
 Copy constructor.
GbinFileoperator= (const GbinFile &in)=default
 Copy assignment.
 GbinFile (GbinFile &&in)=default
 Move constructor.
GbinFileoperator= (GbinFile &&in)=default
 Move assignment.
 ~GbinFile ()
virtual void close ()
 Close stream.
- Public Member Functions inherited from sampFiles::VarFile
 VarFile (const VarFile &in)=default
 Copy constructor.
VarFileoperator= (const VarFile &in)=default
 Copy assignment.
 VarFile (VarFile &&in)=default
 Move constructor.
VarFileoperator= (VarFile &&in)=default
 Move assignment.
 ~VarFile ()


class GbinFileI

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from sampFiles::VarFile
 VarFile ()
 Default constructor (protected)
- Protected Attributes inherited from sampFiles::GbinFile
string _fileName
 File name.
size_t _nCols
 Number of elements in a row.
size_t _elemSize
 Size of each element in bytes.
- Protected Attributes inherited from sampFiles::VarFile
fstream _varFile
 Variant file stream.

Detailed Description

Generic binary file output class.

Writes binary files.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GbinFileO()

sampFiles::GbinFileO::GbinFileO ( const string &  fileName,
const size_t &  nCols,
const size_t &  elemSize 

File name constructor.

[in]fileNamefile name including extension
[in]nColsnumber of columns, or elements in a row
[in]elemSizesize of each element in bytes
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