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Fast ordered sampling of records from files
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sampFiles::GbinFileI Class Reference

Binary file input class. More...

#include <varfiles.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 GbinFileI ()
 Default constructor.
 GbinFileI (const string &fileName, const size_t &nCols, const size_t &elemSize)
 File name constructor. More...
 GbinFileI (const GbinFileI &in)=default
 Copy constructor.
GbinFileIoperator= (const GbinFileI &in)=default
 Copy assignment.
 GbinFileI (GbinFileI &&in)=default
 Move constructor.
GbinFileIoperator= (GbinFileI &&in)=default
 Move assignment.
 ~GbinFileI ()
void open ()
 Open stream to read.
void sample (GbinFileO &out, const uint64_t &n)
 Sample rows and save to a binary file. More...
uint64_t nlines ()
 Number of rows in the object.

Protected Member Functions

virtual uint64_t _numLines ()
 Get number of rows in the binary file. More...

Detailed Description

Binary file input class.

Reads binary files.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GbinFileI()

sampFiles::GbinFileI::GbinFileI ( const string &  fileName,
const size_t &  nCols,
const size_t &  elemSize 

File name constructor.

[in]fileNamefile name including extension
[in]nColsnumber of columns, or elements in a row
[in]elemSizesize of each element in bytes
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Member Function Documentation

◆ _numLines()

uint64_t GbinFileI::_numLines ( )

Get number of rows in the binary file.

Requires knowledge of the number of elements in a row and their size in bytes. Throws a string object ``Number of elements not divisible by row size'' if the total number of elements in the file is not divisible by the product of the number of columns and element size.

number of rows
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◆ sample()

void GbinFileI::sample ( GbinFileO out,
const uint64_t &  n 

Sample rows and save to a binary file.

Sample \(n\) lines without replacement from the file represented by the current object and save to the out object. Uses Vitter's [3] method. Number of samples has to be smaller that the number of rows in the file.

[in]outoutput object
[in]nnumber of rows to sample
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