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sampFiles::BedFileO Class Reference

BED file output class. More...

#include <varfiles.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 BedFileO ()
 Default constructor.
 BedFileO (const string &stubName)
 File name constructor. More...
 BedFileO (const BedFileO &in)=default
 Copy constructor.
BedFileOoperator= (const BedFileO &in)=default
 Copy assignment.
 BedFileO (BedFileO &&in)=default
 Move constructor.
BedFileOoperator= (BedFileO &&in)=default
 Move assignment.
 ~BedFileO ()
void open ()
 Open stream to write.
- Public Member Functions inherited from sampFiles::BedFile
 BedFile ()
 Default constructor.
 BedFile (const string &stubName)
 File name constructor. More...
 BedFile (const BedFile &in)=default
 Copy constructor.
BedFileoperator= (const BedFile &in)=default
 Copy assignment.
 BedFile (BedFile &&in)=default
 Move constructor.
BedFileoperator= (BedFile &&in)=default
 Move assignment.
 ~BedFile ()
void close ()
 Close stream.
- Public Member Functions inherited from sampFiles::GbinFile
 GbinFile ()
 Default constructor.
 GbinFile (const string &fileName, const size_t &nCols, const size_t &elemSize)
 Constructor with file name. More...
 GbinFile (const GbinFile &in)=default
 Copy constructor.
GbinFileoperator= (const GbinFile &in)=default
 Copy assignment.
 GbinFile (GbinFile &&in)=default
 Move constructor.
GbinFileoperator= (GbinFile &&in)=default
 Move assignment.
 ~GbinFile ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sampFiles::VarFile
 VarFile (const VarFile &in)=default
 Copy constructor.
VarFileoperator= (const VarFile &in)=default
 Copy assignment.
 VarFile (VarFile &&in)=default
 Move constructor.
VarFileoperator= (VarFile &&in)=default
 Move assignment.
 ~VarFile ()


class BedFileI

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from sampFiles::VarFile
 VarFile ()
 Default constructor (protected)
- Protected Attributes inherited from sampFiles::BedFile
fstream _famFile
 Corresponding .fam file stream.
fstream _bimFile
 Corresponding .bim file stream.
string _fileStub
 File name stub (minus the extension)
- Protected Attributes inherited from sampFiles::GbinFile
string _fileName
 File name.
size_t _nCols
 Number of elements in a row.
size_t _elemSize
 Size of each element in bytes.
- Protected Attributes inherited from sampFiles::VarFile
fstream _varFile
 Variant file stream.
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from sampFiles::BedFile
static const vector< char > _masks = {static_cast<char>(0x03), static_cast<char>(0x0C), static_cast<char>(0x30), static_cast<char>(0xC0)}
 Genotype bit masks. More...
static const unordered_map< char, string > _tests
 Genotype bit tests. More...

Detailed Description

BED file output class.

Writes to BED files and the auxiliary files that come with them (.fam and .bim) as necessary. Data are written in the SNP-major format.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BedFileO()

sampFiles::BedFileO::BedFileO ( const string &  stubName)

File name constructor.

[in]stubNamefile name minus the extension
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