dwm status bar  0.9
A multi-threaded status bar for dwm

dwmbar is a status bar for dwm similar to dwmblocks. I wrote it in C++ just to troll the suckless people. It has some built-in modules, but can also be extended with external scripts.

Each module can be set to update after a separate interval. Modules run as separate threads and alert the main thread to print to the root window when a change occurs. You can also run a module by issuing a real-time signal with pkill, e.g.

pkill --signal RTMIN+1 -x dwmbar

The signal ID is set per module during configuration (see below). Modules that are running on a schedule can still be activated by a signal.

dwm supports two status bars (bottom and top) if you have the dwm-extrabar patch.


To install clone this repository and use make:

cd dwmBar
sudo make install

This will put the dwmbar binary in /usr/local/bin/ and assumes gcc is the compiler on the system. If you have llvm instead, use

make CXX=c++


dwmbar is configured by editing the config.hpp file. Comments within the file explain what to do and the available options. If you want to customize further, full interface documentation is here, or you can run doxygen in the source code directory.