MuGen  0.9.1
Multi-trait hierarchical quantitative genetic models
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CApexMultiplicative redundant parameter
 CBetaBlkRegression with independent blocks of traits
 CBetaGrpBVSRBayesian variable selection regression
 CBetaGrpFtMultivariate multiple regression
 CBetaGrpPCRelationship matrix regression
 CBetaGrpPCpexMultiplicative parameter expansion for PC regression
 CBetaGrpPEXMultivariate multiple regression with parameter expansion
 CBetaGrpPSRSingle-SNP regression with partial effects
 CBetaGrpPSRmissSingle-SNP regression with partial effects and missing data
 CBetaGrpSnpSimple single-SNP regression class
 CBetaGrpSnpCVSingle-SNP regression with conditional variance
 CBetaGrpSnpMissSimple single-SNP regression class with missing data
 CBetaGrpSnpMissCVSingle-SNP regression with conditional variance and missing data
 CGrpBase location parameter group class
 CMixPDirichlet-multinomial mixture prior
 CMuBlkHierarchical mean with independent blocks of traits
 CMuGrpHierarchical mean
 CMuGrpEEData with measurement error
 CMuGrpEEmissData with measurement error and missing phenotypes
 CMuGrpMissData with missing phenotype values
 CMuGrpPEX"Random effect" with parameter expansion
 CMVnormThe abstract base class for location parameter rows
 CMVnormBetaGeneric regression
 CMVnormBetaBlkIndividual vector of regression coefficients with blocks of traits
 CMVnormBetaFtRegression with multiple predictors
 CMVnormBetaFtBlkIndividual vector of conditional regression coefficients with blocks of traits
 CMVnormBetaPEXIndividual regression with parameter expansion
 CMVnormMuIndividual vector of means
 CMVnormMuBlkIndividual vector of means with blocks of traits
 CMVnormMuMissIndividual vector of means with missing data
 CMVnormMuPEXIndividual vector of means with parameter expansion
 CQgrpStandard Student- \(t\) weights
 CQgrpPEXStudent- \(t\) weights for PEX
 CRanIndexGeneric index class
 CRanIndexVSBVSR index class
 CSigmaIBasic inverse-covariance
 CSigmaIblkBlock-diagonal inverse-covariance
 CSigmaIpexPEX inverse-covariance